The Department of Local Governance (DLG), MOHCA, is responsible for efficient functioning of the local government. One of the mandates of the DLG is to strengthening the inspection and monitoring of infrastructures both new and existing. Towards this end, the department engaged APECS consultant to developed Basic engineering training module for local governance and decentralization project.

Following were the major scope of the assignment:
• Review relevant documents such as the revised ICBP curriculum costing template, compiled training contents for basic engineering, capacity development strategy, local development planning manual, capacity development grant/mechanisms, DT and GT rules and regulations, evaluation of ICBP training series), ECP (Environment, Climate Change and Poverty) vulnerability and capacity needs assessment, etc.;
• To meet with JICA, DLG and GNHC project focal persons, Dzongkhag Sector staff and Gewog officials;
• Conduct workshop with Gewog officials and Dzongkhag and Gewog Engineers;
• Assist contents for basic engineering training course Developing and structuring the contents for basic engineering in a standardized format as per the revised ICBP curriculum with basic drawings and pictures included;
• To facilitatee final wrap up meeting of the assignment and including feedbacks and comments in the final report;




Department of Local Governance, Ministry of Home and Cultural Affairs


February 2012-April 2012