Our Team

APECS has a fantastic mix of both seasoned and young experts that complement each other and deliver first-in-class solutions. APECS also has standing association with international consultants who collaborate on project basis.

We hope you will find us a little different…

Hom Nath Adhikari

Managing Director and Founder

HN Adhikari brings 33 years of experience to provide dynamic engineering and management consulting service. His professional qualifications include Diploma in Civil Engineering, PG Diploma in Construction Management, MSc in Engineering, and Masters in Business Administration.

Rohit Adhikari

Executive Director

Rohit brings the young entrepreneurial energy to APECS. In a relatively short span of 5 years into professional career, he has been instrumental in expanding APECS into a multi-disciplinary consulting firm. He has a Bachelor’s of Civil Engineering, MSc in Water Resources Engineering and Management, Masters in Business Administration, and a PG in Environment Law and Policy. He is extensively involved as lead consultant for management and social research-based consulting projects.

Meena K. Acharya

Administration and Accounts Head

Meena K. Acharya is the head of administrator and accountant. She has a Bachelors in Hotel Management and a PG Certificate in Accounting. She handles recruitment, training, and professional development activities at APECS.

Roma Adhikari

Architect/ Urban Planner

Roma Adhikari has a Bachelors of Architecture and a PG in Urban Environmental Management and Law. She is the lead consultant for private sector architectural projects and an associate for public architectural and planning projects.

Bikash Nepal

Infrastructure Planner and Designer 

Bikash Nepal is an ardent structural designer. He carries out numerous research developmental activities to purse new designs suited for Bhutan. He handles civil engineering aspects of infrastructure projects, including feasibility, detailed design, and cost estimation. He has a Diploma in Civil Engineering, and a Bachelors in Civil Engineering with more than half a decade of experience.

Sangay Gyeltshen

GIS and Remote Sensing Analyst 

Sangay Gyeltshen is a passionate researcher in the application of GIS and RS. He has a Bachelors in Electronics Engineering, a PG in RS and GIS, and M.Tech in RS and GIS. He takes lead in geotechnical and disaster management projects.

Chabi Lal Khatiwara

Sr. Lab Technician

Chabi Lal Khatiwara is the senior most lab technician at APECS Test House. He has spent over 15 years in quality control testing and has in-depth understanding of building, roads, and geotechnical testing and reporting.

Kinley Chophel

Sr. Lab Technician

Kinley Chophel joined ATH in 2013, prior to which he was working with the Punatsangchu Hydro Power Project’s Quality Control Division. He is a good analyst and learner and has in-depth understanding of building, roads, and geotechnical testing and reporting.

Karma Wangchuk

Lab Technician

Karma Wangchuk completes the trio at ATH. He is a dedicated geotechnical technician with in-depth understanding of soil investigation and related analysis. He was trained at APECS and has progressed since joining in 2015.

Budhiman Pradhan

Construction Supervision Engineer

Budhiman Pradhan is a senior civil engineer with over 30 years of experience in construction management and supervision, particularly for water and waste water supply projects. He is currently the CS Engineer for ADB 3674 Project at Trashigang.

Tek Bdr. Rai

Construction Supervision Engineer

T.B. Rai is a senior civil engineer with over 30 years of experience in construction management and supervision, particularly for water and waste water supply projects. He is currently the CS Engineer for ADB 3674 Project (Urban Infrastructure and Water Supply) at Sarpang.

Yeshi Dorji

Construction Supervision Engineer

Yeshi Dorji is the supervision engineer for ADB 3674 Samdrup Jongkhar Water and Waste Water Projects. He has a Bachelors of Civil Engineering. He spent five years as contractor’s engineer for roads and water supply projects, and then joined as supervision consultant.

Purna Chhetri

Structural Engineer

  • E-mail: pchhetri65@gmail.com
  • Phone: +975 17557540

Mr. Purna Chhetri is a freelance consulting engineer with expertise in Structural Engineering. He has carried out structural designs and preparation of mitigation measures for a number of Geotechnical Projects and has been a core team member of APECS for such studies. He holds a Masters in Structural Engineering and was previously with Jigme Namgyel Polytechnic as an Associate Lecturer before he resigned.

Sonam Wangdi

Electrical Engineer

  • E-mail: pchhetri65@gmail.com
  • Phone: +975 17557540

Mr. Sonam Wangdi has Bachelor in Electrical Engineering from College of Science and Technology under Royal University of Bhutan. He worked as project engineer for the construction Zhiwaling Hotel at Paro and Housing project at Thimphu. He has been working with APECS Consultancy as Electrical Engineer and completed notable assignments with 12 years of experience.

Rohit Kafley

Civil Engineer

  • E-mail: kaflay.rohit@gmail.com
  • Phone: 17637970

Rohit Kafley has a Bachelor’s degree from college of science and technology. He has carried out Site Supervision, work plan & scheduling, quantity survey & cost estimates, specifications, Rate Analysis and cost estimation for various building design and construction projects.

CB Bista


  • E-mail:
  • Phone: +975-17626035

Mr. CB Bista has been a survey officer for 41 years since he pursued his Certificate Course in Surveying. he completed his Diploma in Surveying and has worked with various government agencies. He has been associated with APECS as Survey Expert and has carried out numerous surveys works in different projects affiliated to government organization.

Rathi Siwakoti

Office Administrator

Rathi has been an office administrator for over 15 years. She has wide range of experience in office management and has been involved mostly for ADB funded projects as office administrator. She joined APECS in 2018. She also runs her travel agency in Bhutan called Tiny Paradise Tours and Treks.

Saroj K Nepal

Sociologist/ Socio-Economic Expert

Saroj K Nepal is one the senior most Sociologist in Bhutan. He brings a wealth of knowledge under social safeguards and socio-economic studies in infrastructure and development projects. He has a Bachelors of Arts, a Masters in Environment Management, and Masters in Sociology. Apart from being a consultant with APECS, Mr. Nepal also runs his own firm Gonefel Consult based in Bhutan.

Dorji Rinchen

Environmental Specialist

  • E-mail: khenrig@gmail.com
  • Phone: +975 17110716

Dorji Rinchen has a Masters in Sc. Forestry and B Sc. He has provided independent advisory and consulting Services in the field of Environmental Management and Carried out studies for environmental clearance as per guidelines of the governments and prepared environmental report for the project as per government acts, rules and regulations. Mr. Dorji Rinchen is the founder of Khenrig Consultancy Services based in Bhutan.

Passang Dorji

PPP/ Economic Expert

Passang Dorji has a Bachelor Degree in Civil Engineering, Post Graduate Diploma in Management Control and Management Information Systems and Masters in Business Administration. He was formerly the Director of Investments in the financial arm of the government; Druk Holdings and Investment. He is also the Honorary Consul of Finland in Bhutan. He is associated with APECS on policy, economics, and finance related consulting projects. Passang is the Director of Chana Infotechnology based in Thimphu.

IK Chhetri

Geotechnical Expert

  • E-mail: ikchhetri@gmail.com
  • Phone: +975 17624644

IK chhetri has a M. Sc (Geo-Information Science) and B.Sc. He is a leading geotechnical engineer and has led numerous studies to seek solutions for geotechnical issues and risks. He worked with the Department of Geology and Mines until 2008, after which he has been active in the consulting sector. He is the founder and principal geologist for his firm Himalayan Geology and Mines based in Bhutan.

Novin Darlami

Policy Analyst

Novin Darlami is a former parliamentarian with the National Assembly of Bhutan. He has a Bachelors of Business Management and an MBA (in HR). He brings a decade of experience of being a business strategist and policy analyst. In particular as the Chairperson of the Economic and Private Sector Development Committee he reviewed and submitted numerous legislation and policies for improvement of the private sector.

Sonam Chophel

Branding and Marketing Specialist

Sonam Chophel has a Bachelors of Science and Masters of Business Administration. He is a reputed business branding consultant and also operates Bhutan’s first Cottage and Small Market place. He is also the founder and operator of Druksell: Bhutan’s first e-commerce platform. As a consultant he has been involved largely with the small business systems improvement and product development.

Badrinath Bhattarai

Value Chain Expert

Badrinath Bhattarai has a Diploma, Agriculture/Horticulture, BSc Agriculture (Honours), and MSc, Tropical Agriculture Development. He has been involved in consulting assignments as Value Chain Expert. While in the government services he was involved in providing extension services, strategy and policy review and development, and improvement of agriculture production.

Tandin Dorji

Business Analyst/ Researcher

  • E-mail: tndn.dorji@gmail.com
  • Phone: +975 1785-8494

Tandin Dorji has a Bachelor of Science. He has specialized in valuation, business assessment, risk management, finance and accounting services. He has worked with the National Pension and Provident Fund in the capacity of its actuarial expert. A young and bright individual, Tandin was a member of the 21st century economic road map team. He is also the founder of Druk Infinity Consulting.

Tashi Dorji

Business Consultant

  • E-mail: tashimedia@gmail.com
  • Phone: +975 1780-3928

Tashi Dorji has Diploma in Journalism, Bachelors of Economics and Masters of Business Administration. He is the Founder and President, Bhutan Forum for Environment Journalists and has done many research on climate change.

Bishnulal Gurung

Financial Expert

  • E-mail: blgurung2010@gmail.com
  • Phone: +975 17600393

Bishnulal Gurung is a senior financial expert with over 30 years of experience in the field of financing. He has a Diploma in Finance and Cost Accounts and Bachelor of commerce. He has been involved updating the institutional assessment analyzing existing institutional structures, governance and legal frameworks. He is the founder and Principal consultant of his accounting firm; Bhutan Accounting Solutions based in Bhutan.


Legal Expert

  • E-mail: meetcheda@gmail.com
  • Phone: +975 17633828

Mr. Cheda is the Chief Executive Counsel of UC Associates: Bhutan Law Office based in Thimphu, Bhutan, having started one of the first law firms in Bhutan. He is a Licensed Lawyer specialized in IT and Telecoms Laws, Media laws, Business and commercial laws, Intellectual Property Law, Aviation laws, family laws, Investments, FDI, PPP, Consumer Protection for both private and government sector.

Tikaram Kafley

Geotechnical Expert

  • E-mail: kafleyt5@gmail.com
  • Phone: +975 17668336

Tikaram Kafley has a M. Sc (Geotech Engineering) and B.Sc in Civil Engineering. He is one of the  leading geotechnical engineer and has led numerous studies to seek solutions for geotechnical issues and risks. Previously he worked as the Mayor of Gelephu Thromde and as the Executive Engineer for Sarpang Dzongkhag Administration.