As of 2020, Bhutan has 18,264 kilometers of roads, the highest of which are farm roads (11257 kilometers, 62%). The difficult geographical terrain poses serious challenges for efficient transportation and is an impediment for rural economic growth.

APECS began its consulting career with road survey and design projects. It has been a key consulting partner for the Department of Agriculture which is responsible for rural road design and construction. APECS is involved in provided end-end solutions including feasibility studies, geotechnical, environmental, and social studies, road survey, detailed design, procurement assistance, and construction supervision of both rural and urban roads in the country. Furthermore, APECS has been a capacity development specialist imparting numerous trainings on road design and maintenance.

Similarly, APECS has been a partner for government agencies, and consulting firms for bridge design studies, mostly for survey and geotechnical studies.

There are over 12000 km of motorable roads of 15 different categories constructed and maintained in Bhutan

Key Focus Areas

  • Traffic and OD Study
  • Feasibility and alignment study
  • Geotechnical, environmental, and social studies
  • Survey and detailed design of roads and bridges
  • Constriction supervision