Over 90% of the firms in Bhutan fall under SMEs (termed in Bhutan as Cottage and Small Industries). Apart from the advantage of competitively priced energy, Bhutanese firms face serious issues of technological advancement, logistics, and market penetration.

APECS is a key consulting partner for both CSIs and Large industries through government agencies: the Department of Industry, and Department of Cottage and Small Industry. We have helped the firms improve its productivity, prepared detailed project reports for portfolio diversification, researched and recommended process improvement solutions, and studied their value chains for better backward and forward linkages. We have carried out major investment studies in Bhutan aimed at informing prospective investors to venture in new businesses.

Furthermore, we have been involved in industrial estate development from design to environment assessment.

56% of single ownership/partnership firms are owned by women 60 % of the establishments are in 6 out of 20 districts

Key Focus Areas

  • Productivity assessments
  • Value chain analysis
  • Branding and marketing
  • Export market identification
  • Detailed project report preparation
  • Industrial estate planning and development