Aggregate Testing

Aggregate plays an important role in construction, in particular for pavement. Investigation on aggregates is also conducted for material supply, quarry selection, or simply to understand geological properties. Aggregates influence, to a great extent, the load transfer capability, hence it is essential that they should be thoroughly tested before using for construction.  Key tests include;

  • Los Angles Abrasion test, Aggregates Impact Test, Aggregate crushing Value, Load for 10% fines
  • Grading Test, Specific Gravity, Water absorption, Bulk Density
  • Flakiness & Elongation Index (Combined)
  • Alkali Reactivity Test, Soundness Test, Striping Values Test
  • Bulking of Sand, Grain Size Analysis, Fineness Modulus of Sand, Silt Content
  • Organic Matter(Physical)
  • Unconfined compressive strength, Point load Strength Index