Despite the Royal Government’s continued efforts to provide necessary enabling environment for growth of domestic industries and private sector through various means, the economy has not been able to realize the desired output. In view of the above, the Research & Policy Department, BCCI commissioned a study to identify potential business opportunities across 20 Dzongkhag’s of Bhutan. The business opportunity identified was to help substitute the imports, increase exports, generate meaningful employment for the Bhutanese and ultimately achieve the Royal Government of Bhutan’s long-standing ambition of economic self-reliance.

Following were the major scope of the assignment:

• Develop and present a detailed methodology and work plan for the assignment.
• Conduct baseline study on each Dzongkhag’s’ existing businesses and resources
• Physically visits Dzongkhag’s to scan for opportunities, conduct comprehensive stakeholder meeting with Dzongkhag’s, Gewog and rural community
• Conduct SWOT analysis for each Dzongkhag
• Conduct PESTLE analysis for the prospective business ideas
• Prepare feasibility reports for the final selected list of business ideas including financial analysis, marketing and branding strategies, identification of inputs and markets for outputs etc…


Whole Bhutan


Bhutan Chamber of Commerce and Industry


July 2021- December 2021(Ongoing)