Considering the importance of energy efficiency measures in industry sector, under the 12th Five Year Plan, the Department of Renewable Energy, MoEA, intended to develop the Energy Efficiency Codes of Practice for Industries in order to set out technical specifications and provide details with respect to the minimum energy requirement of the equipment used in the industries.
The main objective was to develop energy efficiency codes of practice for the industries with technical specifications of energy efficiency equipment’s. This would set minimum efficiency requirements assuring reduction in the energy use and emission over the operational period of an industry.

Following were the major scope of the assignment:

• Review the existing energy audit reports for 39 industries.
• Identify, analyze and evaluate the energy consumption pattern of all existing HV and MV industries and the high-energy consuming equipment.
• Design implement and compliance framework for the codes of practice for both voluntary and mandatory phase.
• Carry out cost benefit analysis of implementing energy efficient codes of practice to demonstrate effectiveness of proposed codes.
• Conduct stakeholder workshops and capacity building to disseminate information on the Codes of Practice and compliance to the codes.
• Design awareness and advocacy material on the codes of practice developed and propose methodology on dissemination of the awareness information and including transferred of all documents, reports and reference materials.




Department of Renewable Energy, MoEA.


March 2020 - September 2020