ADB through its grant supported Bhutan Development Bank Ltd and other development partners in Bhutan for capacity development and strengthening of Human Resource capital during 2012 to 2014. As a part of an effort BDBL supported both government and private business entities to conduct short term training and skill development. Towards this end, APECS consultancy/ APECS Test House imparted training on construction material testing, Geotech studies including QC/QA on field tests successfully to VTI graduates and engineers.

Following were the major scope of the assignment:

• Familiarization of test apparatus and testing equipment
• Testing of construction material such as stone aggregates, sand, cement, building blocks, road pavement material.
• Basics of Concrete and bituminous mix design
• Core cutting and thickness measurement
• Soil testing including CBR, proctor compaction test
• Field test such as DCPT, field density of subgrade, GSB and WMM
• Determination field moisture by moisture meter Checking of zinc coating of GI materials and checking gauges of CGI sheet, GI wires, rebar’s etc.






January 2012- February 2013