The main objective of the JFPR project was to provide improved and sustainable access to economic and social services in the project area, leading to improved livelihoods and reduced poverty. The project had five components: (i) developing selected farm roads, (ii) Institutionalize community management and maintenance of farm road, (iii) Provide small marketing infrastructure and equipment for the subsistence poor, (iv) improve skills of poor farmers to access financial and technical services and (v) Grant management, monitoring and evaluation. In order to achieve the above objective, a reliable farm road was a prerequisite. The DOA, therefore, awarded the detailed survey and design of the Jungley-Bongo farm road under Chhukha Dzongkhag to APECS consultant who had carried out the survey and Design works successfully. The project was successfully implemented by DoA as per the design.

Following were the major scope of the assignment:
• Risk Area and Activity Review.
• Technical requirement review.
• Detailed topographical and alignment survey which include establishment of benchmark, control points and staking out survey data.
• Detail feasibility study including geotechnical, environmental and social studies.
• Detailed design including preparation of design report.
• Preparation of bill of quantities and cost estimate and technical specifications.
• Preparation of Initial Environmental Examination and Environmental Management plan (EMP).
• Staking out survey data.
• Preparation of contract bidding documents




Department of Agriculture, DoA, MoAF


March 2011- June 2011