ADB Project No: 54142-001: Renewable Energy For Climate Resilience Project – Supervision & Project Management Consultant – Sephu Solar Power

DoE has appointed the Project Management Consultant (PMC) as an owners Engineer to provide the services towards the detailed design, construction, testing and commissioning of the 17.38dc MWp Sephu Solar PV Plant, inclusive of internal electrical interconnections and connection to the grid.

Following were the major scope of the assignment:

  • Assist DoE/DGPC in reviewing of the detailed design, supervision of construction, erection, and contract management
  • Assist DoE/DGPC in ensuring the Construction Contractor has achieved Pre-Commissioning and issuance of the Completion Certificate, followed by Commissioning, Guarantee Test and issuance of the Functional Guarantees, followed by Operational Acceptance
    • Engineering Design and review
    • Project management
    • Contract management
    • Materials management
    • Supervision of implementation of safeguards
    • Inspection, testing and commissioning
    • Capacity building
    • Project completion studies