This (National adaptation Plan)NAP project aimed to build on Bhutan’s Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC) by accelerating the NDC vision to scale up adaptation in the medium- to long-term and by focusing on priority sectors in the NDC. The readiness project has supported the Royal Government of Bhutan (RGoB) to advance its NAP process by building on existing capacities and enhancing institutions already in place for adaptation planning through the following outcomes:

  1. Enhanced coordination, learning and knowledge management for an iterative NAP process;
  2. Technical capacity enhanced for the generation of climate scenarios and impact assessment;
  3. Vulnerability assessments undertaken, and adaptation options appraised and prioritized; and
  4. NAP formulated and capacity for implementation and monitoring established.

Following were the major scope of the assignment:
• Conduct initial desk-based consultations and research which includes Consulting with NECS, the Ministry of Agriculture and Forests, and UNDP regarding objectives and scope of activity, To complete an initial review of available information regarding vulnerability, including relevant studies and data sources, Develop a recommendation for analyses to be undertaken including specific methodologies where necessary; and, Conduct follow up key stakeholders regarding finding of information review, proposed recommendation and methodology and agree on scope of analyses (e.g. key indicators, mapping outputs, scale and resolution, gender etc.).
• Identify and acquire data sources \Complete climate risk analyses and mapping
• Identify, appraise and prioritize adaptation options through a participatory approach
• Synthesize findings and draft assessment report and finalize databases and maps.
• Conduct training for TWG members/other stakeholders on climate risk analyses and mapping in reference to agriculture sector.






August 2020- August 2021