The overall objective of the assignment was to conduct detailed hydrological, geotechnical and catchment management study to formulate long term climate resilient, flood adaptation measures along Shetikheri and Aiepoly streams in Gelephu, Sarpang Dzongkhag. This study ascertained the primary and chief cause for the flooding downstream and proposed structural and non-structural environment friendly flood resilient measures. This was based on desk study, field visit, laboratory tests and data collected from field covering land use, topography, geology, hydrogeology, hydrology (but not limited to these factors) in the study area. The field survey was supplemented with various baseline data (maps, satellite imagery, scientific literatures, past studies, etc.).

Following were the major scope of the assignment:

  • Detail review of previous reports, maps, drawings, inventories, data etc… covering GIS data for flood modelling, meteorological data, temperature, flow data and historical flood data, digital elevation model.
  • Stocktaking of different studies and investments ongoing and in pipeline in the region.
  • Undertake field trips to the identified area and carry out detail field surveys including topographic survey to confirm desk study interpretation and to gather supplementary data.
  • Detailed geotechnical investigation.
  • Identify, assess and mark on map all water bodies that impacts on the study area.
  • Assess the impact/risk of flooding/debris flow on land use with particular emphasis on critical catchment areas, loss of agricultural and forest land, settlement and public infrastructures.
  • Carry out socioeconomics impact study on people, land and properties that could be protected from the flood hazard in the study area.
  • Assist in Preparation of GIS and Mapping.
  • Prepare project cost estimate for all options.
  • Estimate the benefits that could be generated if the climate resilient measure area put in place-alleviation of poverty in the affected area, reclamation of public and private land, viability of economics activities in the area.




Flood Engineering and Management Division, DES, Ministry of Work and Human Settlements


March 2018- October 2018