Bitumen Testing

Bitumen is a complex material with a complex response to stress. It is a core ingredient in pavement construction. However it is a sensitive material and requires adequate testing prior to its application for optimum use and long life. ATH provides an end-end testing for bitumen works including test on bitumen, Bituminous Mix Design, Field core cutting tests, and determination of in-situ properties. Key tests include;

  • Penetration test, Softening Point load test, Flash & fire point, Ductility test
  • Residue on 600mic.IS sieve(%) by mass, Stability to Mixing with Cement, Miscibility with water
  • Coagulation of emulsion at low temp, Storage stability after 24 hour (% max)
  • Lost on heating, Penetration of residue from loss on heating,
  • Bituminous Mix Design, Density test
  • Pavement core drilling (field)
  • Centrifuge Extraction test, Solubility in Trichloroethylene