Concrete Testing

There are several reasons why testing of hardened concrete is important: (1) test can investigate the fundamental physical behavior of concrete such as elastic properties and strength characteristics; (2) When physical laws are not fully understood testing can simulate expected conditions to evaluate performance; (3) tests to determined physical material constants like the modulus of elasticity; and (4) quality control. Key tests include;

  • Compressive strength test of Concrete Cubes (Std Size), Bricks (Std Size), Hollow Blocks (Std Size), Masonry Blocks (Std Size)
  • Water Absorption, Linear Shrinkage, Specific Gravity, Density
  • Consistency test, Setting time-initial and final, Slump Test of concrete
  • Fineness Test on IS 90 micron sieve, Consistency test, Setting time Test of Cement
  • Concrete Mix Design