Part of TTI Samthang is located at low laying area. Occasionally there is occurrence of flooding from Punatshangchu river and poses a great threat to life and property. The Department of Human Resources, MoLHR through ADB loan decided to construct river training works along the left bank of Punatshangchu. The APECS consultant carryout a comprehensive topography survey, geotechnical study and came up with appropriate intervention in the form of mitigation measures. The design has been successfully implemented jointly by Department of Labor and Human Resources and TTI Samthang.

Following were the major scope of the assignment:

• Conduct detailed topographical survey of the site.
• Conduct detailed geotechnical investigation (field and laboratory)
• Prepare multiple conceptual environment resilient mitigation measures for riverfront protection considering both environmental and economic aspect.
• Proposed user-friendly landscaping along the river front area.
• Carry out structural analysis design concepts based on flood resistance/protection, prepare detailed structural design and drawings
• Prepare detailed cost estimate, bill of quantities, technical specification for each category of works using BSR 2020.
• Prepare detailed designs for landscaping and site development works.




Ministry of Labor and Human Resources


June 2020- August 2020