Bhutan’s tourism sector is one of the most special travel destinations in the world. To ndevelop tourism related infrastructure in the country as per the approved annual plan such as development of new trek route and campsites, maintenance of bridges and trails, construction of infrastructure for specialized tours, restroom facilities along the highways etc. APECS consultancy offered professional service to achieve TCB’s mandate by  design and supervision for construction of restroom facility and market shed at Ramthangkha at Paro, development of new rest room at Jangothang, Jhomolhari basecamp and construction of restroom facilities at Shingkharab along the Jhomolhari trek route.

Following were the major scope of the assignment:

  • To conduct site inspection on the land parcels identified by TCB and shortlist the suitable land parcels for development of tourism infrastructures such as water, road and electricity to develop the land parcel into a final product.
  • To prepare budgetary design/drawings, cost estimates for the above-mentioned projects.
  • To prepare BoQ.
  • Prepare the detail tender document and evaluated bids received for the purpose of selecting competent contractor to execute the work.
  • Carry out contract management including, regular monitoring or supervision of construction sites in order to ensure that the construction was being carried out as per the approved designs and technical specification.




Tourism Council of Bhutan


February 2015- April 2016