Department of Cottage and Small Industry, MoEA intended to construct cottage industries at Changchey, Tsirang for the benefit of the District and the nation as a whole. The assignment comprised of preparation of master plan, flood management plan, mitigation measure, structural design and drawings, soil investigation and other infrastructure design and drawings including engineering cost estimates and technical specifications.

Following were the major scope of the assignment:

  • Conduct topographical survey and mapping
  • Conduct detailed geotechnical investigation, slope stability, GIS and mapping of the area.
  • Conduct a detailed environmental study with reference to the ToR approved by NEC.
  • Conducted socio-economic study and analysis and conduct market assessment
  • Prepare economic feasibility report of the CSIE
  • Conduct hydrological and hydro-dynamic studies for flood and storm water management and prepare climate resilient flood protection infrastructure design and drawings.
  • To prepare of local area plan, master plan and detailed design for the following components:
  • Landscaping, plot size determination, design of and compound fencing, street lighting and green areas.
  • Road network and parking areas
  • Site development engineering designs such as retaining walls
  • Stormwater and drainage networks
  • Fire hydrant system and facilities
  • Sewerage system
  • Waste management facility and effluent treatment plant
  • River training and flood protection works
  • Conduct study to forecast water demand and water source determination and detailed design of infrastructure such as inlet tank, water supply and transmission system, RCC water tank and distribution network
  • Prepare of architectural and structural designs and drawings of security guard house, Estate management office, public toilets including 3D preparation
  • Demand forecast and source identification of electricity and preparation of electrical system
  • Prepared detailed cost estimates




Department of Cottage and Small Industry, MoEA


March 2019- November 2019