Access to market has been a top constraint to Bhutanese cottage and small industries. In line with the programme under the CSI Flagship Program, APECS helped DCSI develop a comprehensive operation and management plan to operate Bhutan’s first CSI Market based in Thimphu following a PPP mode.

Following were the major scope of the assignment:

• Conduct a baseline of the expected products to be featured in the center including acceptance and rejection procedure and criteria
• Solicit informal EOIs and seek recommendations from CSIs on the preferred models of operation
• Conduct literature review of similar SME outlets and practices
• Recommend suitable business structure at the center;
• Review applicable PPP models for contracting out the facility
• Recommend operation and management modality of the marketplace; and
• Study and recommend appropriate marketing & financial plan that would cater to the highest level of efficiency within the marketplace;
• Prepare organizational structure including the human resource requirements;
• Study and recommend the viability and sustainability in operating the market place.
• Develop Request for Proposal for selection of Operator
• Develop Contract Documents for execution between Operator and DCSI




Enterprise Development Division, Department of Cottage and Small Industry, Ministry of Economic Affairs