The MDP is an inland intermodal terminal first of its kind in Bhutan that will operate as a centre for transhipment of cargo to other destinations in the country and it is one of the major trade facilitation infrastructures planned with an objective to boost overall trade. The MDP’s main functions will include: improving the facilities for import/export processing and transit shipment of cargos, and hence reducing transit times, and costs for freight movements across the border; relieving congestion within Phuentsholing by re-sitting and improving of LCS facilities; reducing risk of damage and pilferage to cargo during the processing, storage, and transhipment; providing improved facilities for export; and offer warehouse and storage facilities. APECS and Mantrana were recruited to develop a PPP model that would best for O&M of the MDP.

Following were the major scope of the assignment:

• Demand forecasting: review and update the traffic forecast analysis based on
(i) available data from the feasibility and detailed design study
(ii) recent economic growth rates and traffic growth rates and
(iii) growth rates forecast and
(iv) carried out traffic studies including traffic census, origin/destination matric at Phuentsholing and provided traffic forecast by cargo and vehicle class under low base and high traffic scenarios t 10 to 20 years of horizon periods.
• Carry out detailed socio-economic assessment through numerous consultations with stakeholders.
• Conduct desk research, stakeholder’s consultation, review best practices and operationalized models within the region and suitable PPP existing models; identify three most suitable model, identify risks and benefits for each and finally recommend one.
• Develop operations and management contract documents incorporating international best practices in the contract management based on the selected PPP model.
• Conduct financial analysis and conduct legal due diligence to ensure it complies with local, national, sectorial, international laws, regulation, environmental and social requirements
• Conduct training/capacity development program for DoT staffs.




Department of Trade, MoEA.


October 2018- March 2019