For the country like Bhutan which falls on a hilly area and earthquake zone v the structural safety is given prime importance prior any construction. The various types of the tests are performed and the design is done using the generated data from the tests. Geotechnical investigation for SD Hotels and Hospitality Private Limited was done to generate the necessary data required for their upcoming structure.

Following were the major scope of the assignment:
• Carry out detailed field work to confirm desk study interpretation and gather supplementary data.
• Identify, assess and prepare instability inventory maps
• Identify access and prepare
 Slope Map
 Engineering Geological Map.
 Geotechnical Map.
 Mitigation Plan Map
• Carry out Core drilling along with SPT Tests, and inspection of Ground Water Table
• Carry out Geophysical Investigations (Electrical Resistivity Test)
• Determine requirements for engineering structures such as retaining walls, Landscaping are complementary bioengineering applications
• Preparation of BOQ for the proposed mitigation measures.






December 2016- January 2017