The assignment on geotechnical study involved thorough data collection encompassing geology, topography, hydrology, land use and geotechnical aspects that impose risk to developmental activity and environment. The study also included risk mitigation action plan to minimize the adverse effects of above factors to developmental activity and environment. The findings and recommendations of the geotechnical assessment was incorporated in the preparation of Development Plans.

Following were the major scope of the assignment:

  • Carry out field surveys to confirm desk study interpretation and gathered supplementary data
  • Identify, assessed and prepared instability inventory maps (landslides, erosion, debris flow, scouring, toe erosion, creep, subsidence, land degradation, rock fall, planner failure, wedge failure, toppling etc..) within the study area, and mapped the different level of hazards posed by different sources.
  • Identify and assessed slope of the study area indicating the slope classification and level of hazards posed by topography including slope stability analysis of soil and rock slopes
  • Identify and assessed the strength of geological materials by conducting necessary field and laboratory test and analysis.
  • Carryout field investigations-SPT/PPT, Pit excavation and sample collection for laboratory testing’s.
  • Identify, assessed and prepared geomorphologic maps for the instabilities
  • To prepare of geological, geomorphological, geotechnical slope, multi-hazard and mitigation structure maps.
  • Assist the risks to existing infrastructures
  • Inspect high risk locations to define potentials solutions
  • To determine requirements for engineering structures such as retaining walls and complementary bioengineering applications
  • Preparation of mitigation plan and detail mitigation measures needed to be adopted along with the cost estimates and timing for corrective measures and actions
  • Preparation of BoQ for proposed mitigation structures
  • Description and technical specifications for each suggested mitigation measures including detailed cost estimates.


Trongsa, Zhemgang & Samtse


Department of Human Settlement, MoWHS


May 2015-July 2015