The MRF have been a part of the waste management Flagship program of the RGoB.
The proposed Material Recovery Facility (MRF) to be located in Taba, is primarily to manage wastes of the northern Thimphu Thromde including areas beyond its jurisdiction.

The principle of the proposed MRF, for the non-compostable waste is to temporarily store, to facilitate segregation, sorting and recovery of recyclables from various components of wastes. The wastes from the Drop-off Centers (DoC), Waste Collection Facilities (WCFs) and Primary Sorting and Segregation Facilities (PSSFs) is to be transferred to these MRFs. The dry fraction of the segregated materials transferred to these MRFs is to be further segregated and sent to recycling plants or Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) for waste processing and recovery. The absolute waste from these recovery facilities is to be sent for final and safe disposal (sanitary landfill or incineration). APECS consultant in association with D-Lhen Construction private limited through open competitive bidding was engaged by NEC on the Design and build model.

Following were the major scope of the assignment:

• To prepare a detailed master plan of the whole Material Recovery Facility and
associated components..
• To prepare detailed design, drawings and construct material recovery facility and other allied civil works for the unit with capacity of 40 tons per day (TPD)at Taba, Thimphu.
• To prepare the detailed architectural, structural, electrical, electromechanical design and function of MRF, plumbing, sanitation, drainage designs and drawings as per the scope of services in the list of facilities.
• To prepare detailed material specification and operation and maintenance manual of MRF
• To procure, install and commission Material Recovery Facility unit as per the requirements.
• Build all the associated components (structures) as per the design and requirements.




National Environment Commission


April 2021- December 2022 ( Ongoing)