The specific objective of the assignment was to prepare local area plan for Damphu UV-2. The study area comprised of Damphu urban core, Dzong, open air stadium, municipal office, residences and other institutions. The various task including site visit, detail topography study, settlement studies, demographic studies, socioeconomic studies and environmental studies were done  by the expertise for the detail preparation of the local area plan.

Following were the major scope of the assignment:

  • Site visits to understand the sites, boundary and other features that would bring in planning implications and to recommend on the boundary extensions if necessary.
  • Detailed study on the existing scenario which includes, climate, topography, land features, existing landuse pattern and landownership existing utilities such as drinking water supply and distribution, stormwater, drainage system, wastewater and waste disposal system, electricity power and telecommunication.
  • Settlement studies such as land to build form relationships, vital building elements, building height, traditional Bhutanese architecture and significant cultural landscape areas.
  • Demographic studies and planning standards which include demographic studies and carrying capacity, existing population studies and population projection.
  • Socioeconomic studies such as economic bases of the proposed plan, major ongoing and proposed projects and potential for industrial, institutional or other developments and establishments.
  • Environmental  studies
  • Detailed circulation and mobility access plan.
  • Proposed precincts plan and development of control regulations (DCR).
  • Proposed infrastructures and urban services maps
  • Plot configuration plan, and Density pattern
  • Environmental protection and climate change adaptation and disaster mitigation measures.




Dzongkhag Administration, Tsirang


December 2019- June 2020