Objective and purpose of the assignment was to provide technical assistance for the implementation of the Energy Efficiency Project supported by the Austrian Development Agency. The scope of work encompassed building up the necessary technical capacity at the required levels for the promotion of solar water heating (SWH) system in Bhutan. The clients were the promoters, designers, installers and users as identified by the employer. The consultant assisted the project implementation unit in designing the strategy, appropriate solar water heating system and installation of the systems. Under the 12th Five Year Plan, the Department of Renewable Energy, MoEA, intended to develop the various models of subsidy and the tariff thereof. The department also intended to revamp the existing solar panels installed at institutions and monastic bodies. The other objectives of the assignment were to come up with findings on the long-term economic return, development of subsidy models and tariff for private household, commercial, and public institutions. For the required knowledge transfer to client(s), the consultant conducted necessary trainings to the clients mutually agreed upon. APECS consultant in association with WISE (India)was engaged by DRE for the assignment which was successfully accomplished with the stipulated time.

Following were the major scope of the assignment:

• Provide expert input to a series of workshops to be conducted for transfer of technical know-how including hands on training on 8 solar water heating systems which were currently not operating, to the promoters, importers, planners, plumbers, architects, engineers, builders and housing associations.
• Develop a detailed subsidy/incentive scheme to roll out of SWH systems in the Country based on economic and financial analysis.
• To prepare training manuals for
• (a) Site selection,
• (b) Choice of systems,
• (c) design of SHW system configuration,
• (d) Installation of SHW system,
• (e) Repair and maintenance of SWH system, targeting appropriate professional levels.
• To prepare technical specifications and bill of quantity for various system sizes for procurement.
• Assist the Project Implementation Unit (PIU) for the procurement and installation of SWH systems
• Conduct detailed financial and economic analysis of the solar water heating system appropriate for the Country.
• Develop and support the implementation of a scheme that ensures that the SWH system comply with the required standards.
• Assist PIU in installation of the SWH as per the required standards.
• Prepare basic operation and maintenance manual for the SWH system beneficiary’s reference.
• Assist the PIU in training the beneficiaries on the operation and maintenance of SWH.
• Design monitor and evaluation mechanism for assessing the responsiveness of the technologies being promoted under the project.
• Undertake other relevant assignment assigned by the employer.




Department of Renewable Energy, DRE, MoEA.


January 2018-December 2018