Revision of the Detailed Project Report for Omchhu

The main goal for this project is to revise the Detailed Project Report prepared for the Om Chhu River in 2018. The DPR was submitted to ADB for finding, however, it was commented that the DPR had omitted key aspects in the project. Therefore, the revision of the DPR would incorporate comments and suggestions as given by ADB, to come up with a robust and long-term climate resilient flood protection scheme along the specified reach of the Omchhu based on the revised hydraulic analysis and new geotechnical investigations. Further, it will propose to reclaim the land to the extent possible as per site conditions for riverfront development through a pragmatic and sustainable riverfront development master plan that will benefit the community socially and economically which shall enhance community vitality and attract tourists.

Detailed Task Performed

Following would be the key scope of services;
• Topographic survey for the entire stretch including mapping and control point establishment
• Geological and geotechnical investigations including SPT, PLT, and SRT
• Assessment of existing structures (including embankments, retaining walls etc)
• Propose and select flood protection scheme issues, objectives and design criteria
• Mitigation measures option assessment.
• Detailed infrastructure designs and drawings.
• Preparation of a Bill of Quantities and a cost estimate.
• A pragmatic riverfront development master plan with 2D and 3D models along with details and working drawings.