Intellectual Property Division of the Ministry of Economic Affairs is housed in an old building. The building is more than 40 years old. Owing of several major and minor earthquakes in the past the building as developed some cracks. There is also leakages in parts of the building. Therefore, the IPD decided to conduct structural integrity of the building by conducting NDT and carrying out structural assessment. The results was to be used to come up with rehabilitation /retrofitting of the building. The work was awarded to APECS who successfully carried NDT tests, structural assessment and provided with recommendation for intervention.

Following were the major scope of the assignment:
• Physical assessment of the entire building including water supply, plumbing and sanitation system.
• Conducted non-destructive tests using digital Schmidt hammer, Pulse velocity equipment, rebar locator and crack detector.
• Carried out pit digging and assessment of soil bearing capacity.
• Carried out structural analysis using existing rebar and the soil bearing capacity of the soil.
• Designed of retro-fitting components and provided recommendation for implementation.




Intellectual Property Division(IPD), Ministry of Economic Affairs