Survey and Design, geotechnical studies, environmental impact assessment under Phase I including construction supervision for the construction of irrigation scheme under phase II awarded by Department of Agriculture, MoAF.

Following were the major scope of the assignment:

• Carry out field surveys to confirm desk study interpretation and gathered supplementary data
• Fixing of the canal alignment, geotechnical and environmental study, conducting public meeting and socio-economics study
• Study of the command area, agricultural production including agricultural practices prevailing in the area etc.
• Detailed hydrological study and catchment management strategies
• Detailed survey of the canal alignment and fixing of reference pillars along the alignment.
• Preparation of detailed Design and working drawing,
• Preparation of project costing, technical specification and
• Preparation of Bidding Documents including Construction Supervision.




Department of Agriculture, Ministry of Agriculture and Forest.


September 2011- December 2012