Geotechnical Investigation for the proposed 12MLD wastewater treatment plant at Babesa, Thimphu.

Thimphu City is faced with lack of  proper Sewerage treatment plant. The current STP was open Sewerage system and is found inefficient in terms of functional requirement and maintenance. Therefore, Thimphu Thromde (Municipality) under the ADB assistance decided to construct state of the art Sewerage treatment plant. The turnkey project was awarded Infra tech-BEC JV as DBOT. The JV partners sub-contracted the Geotech studies to APECS consultant. The consultant in collaboration with regional partner have successfully carried out the subsoil investigation comprising of drilling works, resistivity test and the laboratory analysis of the material sample and submitted a comprehensive geotechnical investigation report to the JV partners to come up with an appropriate design. The project is successfully implemented (constructed) by the JV partners.

Following were the major scope of the assignment:

  • Carried out field surveys to confirm desk study interpretation and gathered supplementary data.
  • Conducted electrical resistivity test to identify the fractures zones and discontinuities to detect the solution features and voids to measure bed rocks and water table depth.
  • Conducted core drilling in various location to determine the vertical section of the soil strata.
  • Carried out plate load test to establish the stress-deformation of the top layers.
  • Identified and assessed the strength of geological materials by conducting necessary field and laboratory tests, chemical test and analysis.
  • Submitted comprehensive geotechnical and geophysical report.
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