Sustainability is core to all that we do. We believe that good capacity development enables individuals and institutions to independently and sustainably work towards their desired changes in policy and practice, beyond the life of a project.

Capacity development is an integral part in every project that we are involved in. We aspire to leave something positive behind for every client and on every project, we work with. Enhancement of capacity helps our clients make use of our work and improve on it.

Among our contemporaries, we have been a leader in designing and implementing comprehensive capacity development interventions. We view capacity development as an approach, a process and an outcome and have provided trainings and workshops on a wide range of subjects and audience- from central to local government and on road design and management, to policy review and productivity improvement.

Key Focus Areas

  • Capacity needs assessments
  • Training materials development and design
  • Designing of training strategies
  • Training for Impact
  • Providing field-based training
  • Pre and post evaluation